Nunchaku Sports India Association (NSIA)

Sole governing body in India member of WORLD NUNCHAKU ASSOCIATION (WNA)
School Games Federation of India (SGFI) conducted National Orientation Training Programme
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Nunchaku Sports India Association (NSIA) is the sole representative of World Nunchaku Association (WNA) and is the only recognized national governing body for “Nunchaku Sports” in India. In India, NSIA is actively working with SGFI. Hence, School Games Federation of India (SGFI) has already conducted the “SGFI Online National Orientation Training Programme” successfully on 16th November 2021, in Technical Assistance with Nunchaku Sports India Association (NSIA).

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Nunchaku Sports India Association (NSIA) was established in 2017 and regularly conducted district, state, national level training, seminar, championships, and also participated in International, Asian and World championships. Four national championships were successfully conducted by NSIA in 2017 Ahmednagar, 2018 Goa & 2019 Hyderabad. While in 2020 Virtual National Championship in Technical events were conducted due to Covid-19 SOP’s.

 The World Nunchaku Association (WNA) was established on 14th March 1996 to promote the sport around the globe. The founder of the sport Mr. Milco Lambrecht, in 1986 developed the well-known black and yellow safety nunchaku, opening the way for the development of nunchaku-do sports, and the establishment of the Dutch Nunchaku Foundation (SNN) in 1987, which became affiliated to the Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF).


 Nunchaku-do is a semi-contact martial art, which focuses exclusively on a centuries-old weapon, the nunchaku, made famous by the legendary Bruce Lee through his films. The modern-day incarnation of Nunchaku i.e. the official WNA Safety Nunchaku, makes it possible for two fighters to safely and legally compete each other in the match which is the most popular discipline of Nunchaku-do, i.e. KUMITE and other disciplines are KATA, FREESTYLE and JUTSU, played Individually & as well as in Team, in all age groups, male and female. The Nunchaku-do system offers competitions, graduations (5th to the 1st kyu, black belt and further) and training courses.

NSIA Managing Committee

C A Tamboli


Omarmukhtar Tamboli


Bapusaheb Ghule

General Secretary

Vinod Kunjir


Atmaram Ghogare

Chairman - Kumite Committee

Gorakhnath More

Chairman - Freestyle & Kata Committee


Chairman - Referee Committee
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